Wilton Portraits, for those who value authenticity.
I'm a photographer with a passion for taking portraits with personality. I have spent over 20 years as a creative director and art director for advertising and Web design agencies and I know what makes a memorable image. Over the past several years I have begun to reignite and foster my love for photography — something I studied at the Hartford Art School. 
Wilton Portraits is where I turn my passion into a valuable asset for your personal brand. I work with each client to understand what makes them unique, then we work together to construct an image that projects that to the world. 
Your comfort is my first priority — everyone hates being in front of a camera. Whether it's a professional portrait, senior portrait or casual family photography, I blend in with the background leaving you to feel natural and bring out your inner you. 
You can follow my my on instagram @wiltonportraits.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will you be photographing the event yourself or will it be an associate?
I am the only photographer at Wilton Portraits. Occasionally I hire an assistant to help with logistics or lighting, but all of the photography is done by me. 

How many weddings or events did you photograph in the last year?
I photograph about 10 - 20 events per year. This gives me the time necessary to edit and retouch each client's collection. 

Is this your full-time profession or a side job?
I am a full-time photographer, and the owner of Wilton Portraits.

Do they have backup equipment?
Yes. I shoot with 3 primary cameras: 
Nikon D7200 fitted with a 80mm Nikon lens. 
Nikon D710 fitted with a 35mm Sigma lens.
GoPro Hero 7. 
I've also been known to get some great shots with my iPhone. 

Are you a member of any professional associations, such as the PPA?
Yes, I am a member of PPA. I am also a longtime member of the Connecticut Art Directors Club. 

How many years have you been a professional photographer? 
I have been a photographer since 1995. I graduated from the Hartford Art School with a BFA in Fine Arts minoring in photography. 

Have you won any awards for your work?
Yes, my work has won several industry awards including in the Connecticut Art Directors Club Annual Awards Show in 2018.